Victor Pipkin and Kathleen Arnold

56214 Range Road 21

RR 1 Onoway Alberta

T0E 1V0

(780) 967-4778

New for 2016

This year we will be operating on a week by week basis.

The plan is that each week we send out a list of what looks like it will be ready this week, and you message us back if you want a delivery. This will allow you the flexibility to take a week off if you are on vacation and also allow us the flexibility to skip a week if needed. Deliveries will start about the third week in June. A bag should provide more than enough for a family of 2 adults plus kids. Volunteering is optional and always welcome. You can pick up your bag of veggies free from the farm on your volunteer day.

Delivery sites are not firmed up yet, but there is usually one near Southgate, one in West Edmonton and one closer to Goldbar Park. Once we know who is interested we try to plan sites that are fairly central to all. Let us know if you are interested in that and we will put you on the contact list.

Community Shared Agriculture 

For us, gardening is about the adventure. We grow a wide variety of heritage and open pollenated vegetables, as well as some more commercial seed. A few promising hybrids may make it into the garden but we avoid GMOs. We use no pesticides and rely heavily on hand weeding and cultivation.  This ensures your food is produced with a low carbon foot print. As with any CSA, success of produce varies from year to year but with the vast variety we plant, we feel confident that every year will have it's share of successes. Do you have a favorite veggie? Tell us about it! We would love to try something new.

2016 rates

Weekly Delivery $30/bag/week

(same size as the former half share)

Volunteers - Free bag (per family)