Born out of our love of delicious food and a longing for a lifestyle that lives up to our values, Homestead Hearth is our way of nurturing our family while discovering and practicing good stewardship of our little piece of the planet. We are a small, family business. The products we sell are the same ones we are growing for ourselves. We haven't always lived on a farm. In fact, we are recent city transplants and loving it.


Our little "peace" of paradise is just North of Onoway, Alberta, about 55min and 85km from the centre of Edmonton. Vegetables are our main venture but we are also raising hens, sheep and goats. We have a donkey and two llamas just for fun.

Visitors are always well come. Come out to look around and see where your food comes from. Help with planting, weeding and harvesting is always welcome.


This year we restored an old building on our farm with natural straw and mud siding. We dug a dugout/pond to capture run-off and rain water for the garden and are working on a grey water system.

If this kind of stuff excites you, give us a call and come out for the adventure.

Our Story

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